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Broncos Game Day – Pre-Season #4 vs. Arizona

Broncos Country, welcome to the most meaningless game of the season. Because unless you're a player on the bubble, Pre-Season #4 is a "please don't let me get hurt affair" and with all due respect to the players, that doesn't make for the best football. Unless you're a guy on the bubble. Then this is easily the biggest ... More

And We’re Off

It's been a whirlwind 48 hours. CBS, FOX, and ABC all came to Commerce City for interviews. We greatly appreciate help announcing our launch. Here's some coverage from CBS4 News. Here we are on Denver Channel 7. FOX31 has seen fit already to run not just one but two stories. Join the conversation Colorado! Let us ... More

CBS News offers a sneak peek on tomorrow’s launch

Colorado, tomorrow I hold a press conference to unveil this web site to the world. Officially, it’s only the opinion of Broncos fans we care about. Tom Mustin of CBS is an old friend, so I reached out to him and offered him the opportunity to have a sneak peek at the site. Here’s the piece he and his team at Channel 4 ... More