Broncos, baby!

A bronco, as defined in 1889 by The Century Dictionary, is “On the northwestern plains of the United States, an unbroken or imperfectly broken horse.”[1]

Broncos are wild beasts baby! (I preferred unbroken over another definition which used “untrained.” Unbroken sounds like a maverick. Untrained sounds like an offensive line that takes too many penalties.)

Wild horses. What a great icon for a sport franchise, especially if your preferred sport requires varying elements of speed and force, elegance and grace.

But when was the last time you saw a bronco charge through Denver County unbridled? There may be a handful of Clydesdales pulling carts downtown, and a couple of ramshackle “horse pastures” are still squeezed in near Pena and 56th – for now. Not much of a rodeo.

For those not familiar with Colorado, Denver has long ceased to be a cow town. The last bronco sighting in Denver was long ago, back in the year who-knows-when. (Seriously, who knows when? If you know when the last wild horse was run out of Denver County, post it on here!)

No question, if you want to capture all that is bronco country, you have to leave Denver County. It really doesn’t matter which direction you venture. All parts of Colorado are Broncos Country baby!

Go Broncos!


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