Broncos Game Day – Pre-Season #4 vs. Arizona

Broncos Country, welcome to the most meaningless game of the season.

Because unless you’re a player on the bubble, Pre-Season #4 is a “please don’t let me get hurt affair” and with all due respect to the players, that doesn’t make for the best football.

Unless you’re a guy on the bubble. Then this is easily the biggest game of your life.

Enter Kyle Sloter.

How can you not love this kid? I can’t speak for the rest of Broncos Country, but yours truly can relate to the guy who, against all odds, with everyone telling him it can’t be done, capitalizes on brief and fleeting chances to make the most of those opportunities. I mean c’mon, we all love a good underdog story, right?

Well, have you met Kyle Sloter? Neither have I, but I’d love to. This is a good write-up about Kyle in yesterday’s D Post by the ultimate Broncos insider, the always articulate

My favorite quote of the story:

“[T]he preseason opener at Chicago, where he went 5-of-6 in passing for 94 yards, a touchdown and perfect 158.3 passer rating in the fourth quarter.”

A perfect quarter with a 158.3?!?! Asking the Broncos to take a long hard look at this rookie isn’t unreasonable. And while no one’s glad it’s because Paxton Lynch injured his throwing shoulder, #TeamSloter is fired up that Kyle gets the whole game Thursday night.

We’re pulling for you Kyle!

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