CBS News offers a sneak peek on tomorrow’s launch

Colorado, tomorrow I hold a press conference to unveil this web site to the world. Officially, it’s only the opinion of Broncos fans we care about. Tom Mustin of CBS is an old friend, so I reached out to him and offered him the opportunity to have a sneak peek at the site. Here’s the piece he and his team at Channel 4 put together: ... More

Let’s Help Houston

Today we pause to think of those in the Houston, Texas region getting pummeled by rain and flooding. Our hearts go out to those who are stuck in the path of this unprecedented disaster. Let's do what Colorado does best. Let's roll up our sleeves and help our neighbors in need. Here at Colorado Broncos, LLC, we're committed to giving ... More

Broncos Eclipsed?

Just as the eclipse this week was a once or twice in a lifetime event, so too might the Mayweather v McGregor fight pull off an elusive, remarkable, once in a lifetime achievement. The fight might capture the attention of more sports fans in Colorado than the Broncos v Packers preseason #3 game tonight. As a hockey fanatic, I'm sure there ... More


All over Denver, you hear cries of outrage at the injustice that Pat Bowlen wasn’t inducted in the Football Hall of Fame. Yet again. The magnitude of this insult makes it even harder to swallow. Clearly Charlie Casserly should not have been on the Contributors Committee, and it raises legitimate questions about league integrity. As we ... More

Broncos, baby!

A bronco, as defined in 1889 by The Century Dictionary, is “On the northwestern plains of the United States, an unbroken or imperfectly broken horse.”[1] Broncos are wild beasts baby! (I preferred unbroken over another definition which used “untrained.” Unbroken sounds like a maverick. Untrained sounds like an offensive line that ... More

The Next Game is the First Game

Will everyone please stop talking about the stupid Packers game on Saturday the 26th? And for that matter, who cares about the fourth and final pre-season game on Thursday the 31st? It's all about the regular season folks! Sure, winning beats losing, but in the pre-season, it so doesn't matter. Let's pray for no injuries. Let's watch our ... More

Siemian or Lynch? Or Sloter!?

The Broncos first pre-season game did nothing to resolve the on-going QB starter competition in Dove Valley. While the conventional wisdom seems to be that Siemian is slowly pulling away, it felt like Kyle Sloter had the best game. He certainly had the most TD passes. Who do you think should be the starting QB when the season opens? More

How This Started

I was watching the Colorado Avalanche get slaughtered, and my mind wandered to Commerce City’s major league sports franchise, the Colorado Rapids. I realized both teams made the same excellent marketing move. Like the Rockies, these teams embraced the whole state of Colorado. Absolutely brilliant. Denver is great, there’s no ... More

To Broncos Fans Who Hate This Idea

I understand. I’ve been a Denver Broncos fan for years too. I know this idea won’t resonate with everyone. Especially when you’ve got stuff all over your house that says “Denver Broncos” on it! I just ask you consider this: Denver’s population is 98% urban, according to the Census Bureau, and frankly, I’m not sure ... More