It’s Not About The Money

A number of on-line comments accuse me of doing this for the money.

And given the number of scams and the amount of greed we’ve seen in recent years, you can’t fault people for being skeptical. Let me put Broncos Country at ease:

If the Broncos ever reach a point where they want to buy this, its theirs. I will donate any profits from the domain and trademark to one or more Colorado charities.

This requires one giant assumption. You have to assume we reach a point where the Broncos want to buy the domain and the trademark for Colorado Broncos.

Personally, I think this post is way, way too soon. We have no reason yet to believe we’ll ever reach a point where the Denver Broncos want to buy the name.

But I want to demonstrate to folks that this isn’t about the money.

I really believe, if/when this ultimately becomes their name, it will be better for the team and better reflect Broncos Country. I genuinely believe it will help to market the broader brand of Colorado, and that our state will gradually realize increased economic impact.

It’s also worth noting my first instinct when I saw the domain was open. It wasn’t to make money, or run a public campaign. I simply wanted to snatch it off the open market before some unethical Patriots figure used it against our beloved Broncos.

I do love the Broncos. Do I profess to love this team as much or more than some of you? No. And I understand why a proposed change can feel like an attack on a treasured and sacred institution in our community. That’s not my intention, and why I’m making this pledge.

Go Broncos!

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