Patriots Start Season 0-1. Defense Looks Porous. Brady Seen Pouting.

There is no news in this post you don’t already know.

I just wanted to see that headline above.

It’s worth repeating, even though we all know this by now:

The New England Patriots opened the season on national TV with a huge loss. Their defense looks suspect, and the highlight of the game was when they showed Tom Brady pouting on the bench.

There was also, of course, a down side. The Kansas City Chiefs look like bona fide Super Bowl contenders.

We already knew the October 30th Monday night match-up in Arrowhead would be huge. It looms even larger now, if that’s even possible.

It does seem possible the Chiefs will have the playoffs clinched by the final week of the season. That would be a nice New Year’s Eve gift when we close out the season December 31st here in Denver against the Chiefs.

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