Thank You Broncos Staff

This Labor Day, we pause to pay tribute to the workers who make the Broncos happen.

Thanks to the security personnel, we enjoy the order you keep. Thanks to the cotton candy vendors who save us the trouble of wandering down to concourse, only to miss a great play. Ah, the things we do for our children. Thanks to the beer vendors. Double thanks to the beer vendors.

We certainly want to take a moment to thank the grounds keepers. The field at Mile High, the one formerly known as Sports Authority, is always in excellent shape. Turf Manager Chris Hathaway and his crew toil in anonymity, working hard to keep the grass green at Mile High. It’s fitting that Hathaway, who is clearly one of the greatest grounds keepers around, was paired with the great Peyton Manning in this pizza ad.

Thanks to all the workers who make the Broncos champions!

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