The Next Game is the First Game

Will everyone please stop talking about the stupid Packers game on Saturday the 26th? And for that matter, who cares about the fourth and final pre-season game on Thursday the 31st? It’s all about the regular season folks!

Sure, winning beats losing, but in the pre-season, it so doesn’t matter. Let’s pray for no injuries. Let’s watch our two (three?) young, potential starting QB’s continue to mature. Sure, if you’re one of the players on the bubble, these games mean EVERYTHING to you. It’s the primary reason the seasoned vets guaranteed a spot on the team hate the pre-season.

Forget about the Packers! Broncos Country needs to be focused on the real next game – the season opener, at home, on Monday night, September 11th, vs. a talented San Diego Charges team.

I sleep better knowing that while the fans may obsess over these meaningless pre-season games, I’m confident Coach Joseph and his staff don’t need to read this post. They’re way ahead of me!

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