Tuesday Morning Football

Who doesn’t love being on Monday Night Football? Consistently one of the best rated shows every week during the season, the region of the home team chosen to play in that high profile slot can expect a boost in tourism and other economic activity. Here in Colorado, for example, ski bookings spike around a Denver Broncos home game – particularly if it snows!

In that vein, we’re grateful for the opportunity to open the season on national TV next Monday. But I take issue with the double-bill.

The Broncos are slated to be the second of two MNF games. Kick off is scheduled for 8:20 MST, a little later than we might prefer, but doable. The problem is, it will be late back on the East Coast, the self proclaimed Center of the Universe. For the vast majority of the sports writers, editors, and other elites who determine things like who gets in the Hall of Fame, it will be 10:30 PM before the best defense in football even takes the field. They’ll be asleep before the first quarter is over.

What if this game becomes an instant classic? If the Broncos home opener goes down to the wire with an exciting last second finish, it will be Tuesday morning back on the East Coast, and across vast swaths of the midwest as well.

Doesn’t the NFL realize a working guy needs to get to bed on a Monday night?

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