All over Denver, you hear cries of outrage at the injustice that Pat Bowlen wasn’t inducted in the Football Hall of Fame. Yet again.

The magnitude of this insult makes it even harder to swallow. Clearly Charlie Casserly should not have been on the Contributors Committee, and it raises legitimate questions about league integrity.

As we used to say, back in Pat’s heyday, let’s roll the tape:

  • 300 wins in his first 30 years – the only owner in NFL history to pull off such a feat.
  • .612 winning percentage over the last 30 years, best in the NFL.
  • Three Lombardi Trophies
  • Seven Super Bowl appearances
  • 18 playoff appearances
  • 13 division titles
  • Four different Super Bowl head coaches – the only owner in NFL history to pull off such a feat.

And that’s just the hard numbers. He was instrumental in leading the NFL into the 21st Century, from smooth labor relations to massive TV contracts and Sunday Night Football itself.

Ask anyone, Pat Bowlen is a class act. The tales of his loyalty to his players, his staff and everyone around him would fill 200 blog posts.

Pat Bowlen purchased a mediocre, third-rate franchise, and with persistent hard work, unwavering integrity and a championship mindset, he gradually built a world class franchise. Hall of Fame material all the way.

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