What The Petition Is And Isn’t

The primary focus of this web site is to collect 76,000 signatures in support of the Broncos upgrading their location identity to the broader Colorado brand. We only want Broncos fans chiming in, so we’re employing advanced technology to detect and remove signatures from outside of Colorado. We know one or two teams in the NFL have a history of cheating, and we don’t want Patriots or Raiders fans mucking this up.

But this petition carries no legal authority. Any credibility it might carry would simply be the large number of people willing to add their name and email address in support of this change.

It’s possible we could get the 76,000 signatures, deliver them to Dove Valley, and the Broncos simply say “Thank you” and then let it quietly die. Or they could issue a “Thanks but no thanks” statement to put this thing to a rest.

The petition is at the heart of this public campaign, but it’s only that, a reflection of public sentiment. Or lack thereof.

Frankly, I think the Broncos front office is taking the right approach. They should ignore us at least until we get 76,000 signatures. Because if we don’t 76,000 signatures, we’re essentially boxed in.

Which is why I set the bar so high to begin with. If this was only a publicity stunt, I would have picked a low number, like 5,000. I want this to have a degree of legitimacy to it. So we need enough signatures to fill Mile High.

Then what? Well, nothing really. The identity of the franchise belongs to the Bowlen family. They, and only they, can ultimately make any changes. Will 76,000 signatures on an internet petition be enough to sway them? If we don’t get another 75,000+ signatures on here, we’ll never know.

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