Frequent Questions

We do our best to answer all questions our supporters may have. And we love your feedback.

  • Is this serious?


  • You want to mess with the Broncos?

    Only in the sense we want to see them upgrade their location identity. We’re not asking them to move, we love Mile High Stadium. We’re not asking them to change colors, we bleed orange and blue. We’re not asking them to do anything drastic, unless you think Colorado is drastically worse than Denver County.

  • Is this thing for real?


  • I love Colorado, how can we help?

    You can help in a few ways. One, it always helps when a Bronco fan tells another, or likes/shares/tweets us social media. Two, you can sign our petition. If we get 76,000 unique signatures, we will hand deliver them to Broncos President & CEO Joe Ellis. Three, you can write a letter to your local paper or radio station. Believe it or not, that still works, even if you email it. And four, the more money we raise, the broader the campaign we can run on social media and other fronts. Consider a donation of $7 a month (For John!) or $18 (Omaha!) or $50 (Super Bowl 50!) We greatly appreciate all the support from Bronco’s Country.

  • Who do you think should be the starting QB?

    (People actually ask us this.) We’re not in the business of second guessing professional head coaches. Not yet anyway. We trust Coach Vance Joseph’s judgment.

  • But all my gear says Denver Broncos!

    Same here! Right now, we’ve stopped wearing anything that says “Denver Broncos” to keep it as close to mint condition as possible. Just in case they become collector's items. Today, it’s just a hat. But years from now, who knows?

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