What Do You Love About Colorado?

A new web site, ColoradoLoves.com, has sprung up. The goal of Colorado Loves is to attract Amazon's attention in a positive and unique manner. Amazon is in the midst of a high-profile search for a second headquarters location known as HQ2. The Denver metro area is working together once again as a team in a fashion that is the envy of many ... More

Major League State

Today, we pause to note the passing of former Broncos coach Red Miller, who died last night at 89. Our deepest sympathies go out to the Miller family. Miller is credited with helping take the Broncos to the next level, most prominently in the 1977 season, when he guided the team to their first Super Bowl appearance after an AFC Champions... More

CSU’s New State Pride Uniforms

This week, the CSU Rams football team unveiled their latest look. Called "State Pride," the uniforms proudly display the "C" from the Colorado flag while brandishing the red, gold and blue flag colors to accent the white jersey. Virtually every major college program has rolled out a third jersey at this point. They often tout the benefits ... More

The Five Pillars of Colorado

These "Five Pillars of Colorado" come from the Colorado Department of Revenue: Powered by Nature Economic Opportunity Independent Spirit Vitality Kinship Powered by Nature Colorado's most famous qualities lie in nature. We have epic mountains, wooded trails, rushing rivers and 300 days of sunshine a year. These qualities ... More

It’s Not About The Money

A number of on-line comments accuse me of doing this for the money. And given the number of scams and the amount of greed we’ve seen in recent years, you can’t fault people for being skeptical. Let me put Broncos Country at ease: If the Broncos ever reach a point where they want to buy this, its theirs. I will donate any profits from ... More

Patriots Start Season 0-1. Defense Looks Porous. Brady Seen Pouting.

There is no news in this post you don't already know. I just wanted to see that headline above. It's worth repeating, even though we all know this by now: The New England Patriots opened the season on national TV with a huge loss. Their defense looks suspect, and the highlight of the game was when they showed Tom Brady pouting on the ... More

Tuesday Morning Football

Who doesn't love being on Monday Night Football? Consistently one of the best rated shows every week during the season, the region of the home team chosen to play in that high profile slot can expect a boost in tourism and other economic activity. Here in Colorado, for example, ski bookings spike around a Denver Broncos home game - particul... More

Thank You Broncos Staff

This Labor Day, we pause to pay tribute to the workers who make the Broncos happen. Thanks to the security personnel, we enjoy the order you keep. Thanks to the cotton candy vendors who save us the trouble of wandering down to concourse, only to miss a great play. Ah, the things we do for our children. Thanks to the beer vendors. Double ... More

Welcome Back Brock!

Welcome back to Colorado Brock Osweiler! Who cares about the past? Surely not the good folks of Broncos Country, where our only concern is getting back to the playoffs so we can get back on track for a Super Bowl title. Who cares what "ironic" or "funny" twists and turns have unfolded to get you back! Obviously, we wish Paxton Lynch a ... More

What The Petition Is And Isn’t

The primary focus of this web site is to collect 76,000 signatures in support of the Broncos upgrading their location identity to the broader Colorado brand. We only want Broncos fans chiming in, so we’re employing advanced technology to detect and remove signatures from outside of Colorado. We know one or two teams in the NFL have a ... More